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2021 Campaign

2021 Campaign at a Glance

Campaign Dates: Any time you want because we are happy to take your money!

Campaign Theme: Great Community Comeback!

Many hands make light work!

It takes an entire community coming together to have the biggest impact.  At United Way of Cumberland County, we invite everyone to get involved through donating, volunteerism and advocacy.  If everyone is in it together, we can make real change happen for our community.  Interested in fun team-building activities to help get everyone motivated with your campaign activities?  We can help with that!  Contact Melissa Reid at (910) 483-1179 ext. 228 or for details.

Workplace Campaigns

Last year, more than 200 organizations partnered with United Way of Cumberland County by running an annual fundraising campaign to support education, financial stability, health and critical basic needs in our community. Many people choose to donate through their place of employment with payroll deduction, cash, check or credit card.

Benefits to Your Organization and Employees

A healthy community attracts new business, leads to a stronger labor pool, and improves the quality of life for everyone.  Partnering with the United Way of York County is also a way to:

  • Meet your organization’s philanthropic goals – we make it easy for your company to get involved and achieve your philanthropic or community-based goals.
  • Build trust and increase goodwill among customers by giving back to the community.
  • Energize your employees. Focusing your organization toward a common goal helps build morale and teamwork.
  • Offer a convenient and efficient way for your employees to support the community and causes they believe in.
  • Connect employees to their community.
  • Provide information about services, enabling employees to use them for themselves, friends and families 

Tools for Your Workplace Campaign

United Way of Cumberland County strives to provide you with all the tools your organization will need to run a successful workforce campaign:

Your United Way will assist you each step of the way to provide direction and support in the brainstorming and execution of your campaign events, including scheduling a partner agency speaker and attending your employee meeting(s). Contact Melissa Reid at or (910) 483-1179 ext. 228 for help.

The Campaign Toolkit provides additional direction and tools to help you organize your best workplace campaign.

Logos and campaign materials are available to help you promote your United Way campaign.

If Your Company Doesn't Run a Campaign, Why Not Start?

Take the first step in being a company that invests in a strong foundation for Cumberland County.  

Are you ready to bring your company on board with the team that makes great things happen? To get started, contact Director of Resource Development Melissa Reid at or (910) 483-1179 ext. 228.


For further information about United Way of Cumberland County, please view the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Our Impact In 2020/2021

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