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NC 2-1-1

The NC 211 database contains nearly 13,000 health and human services resources available in local NC communities. Learn more facts and check out some of the NC 211 stories below. 

211 Facts and Figures

Caller Stories – 2019

  • Doug and Chip's Story

    Doug lives in an urban neighborhood in central North Carolina.  He has become friends with his next door neighbor, Chip.  Chip is homebound due to a disability and receives meal delivery during the week.  As great as the meal delivery is though, Doug worries about Chip not having enough food on the weekends or even extra food for snacks in between meals.  Doug is also on a fixed income and he doesn’t have any extra to spare in his own food budget.  Doug called 211 to find out if there is a local food pantry nearby where he might be able to get some additional food for his friend and neighbor.  The 211 call specialist provided Doug with the information for 3 food pantries within a few miles of his neighborhood.  Now, Doug makes a trip every other week to pick up extra food for his friend Chip!

  • Rebecca's Story

    Rebecca called 211 feeling very scared and frustrated.  She has worked really hard to maintain a job and her housing.  She got sick recently and had to miss quite a few days of work.  As a result, she didn’t have enough funds to pay this month’s rent.  Now she is facing potential eviction.  Rebecca called 211 to see if there were any organizations in her community that might be able to help with the funds, she needs to pay her rent, so she won’t be evicted.  The 211 call specialist located a few options in the community.  Rebecca worked hard to make calls and provide documentation to the agencies and as a result, she was able to receive the emergency funds she needed to pay her rent.  When the 211 call specialist called back to check in with her, Rebecca was so happy to share that her rent was paid in full and she was no longer facing eviction.

Caller Stories – 2021

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Caller Stories – 2022

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