Mentor Recruitment

The following programs recruit mentors throughout the year. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please refer to the information below.

Program Name: Cumberland County Schools

Address:  2465 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC 28306

Point of Contact:  Natasha Scott

POC Telephone Number or Email Address:  (910) 678-2433


Program Description: 

Some Elementary, Middle, and High Schools within the Cumberland County Schools offer school-based mentoring programs and other volunteer opportunities.  Go to the following website: for more information about specific mentor programs that are available.  Contact the point of contact listed in the program description for questions about specific programs.

What is the role and expectations of mentors?

The role of the mentor varies from school to school.  A mentor is a positive role model, provides guidance, and encouragement to be successful in school.  In some instances, mentors may offer academic assistance as needed.  All mentoring opportunities occur during the school day and on the school campus.

Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Criminal Background Check:  Yes, criminal background checks may be completed online at

Reference Check: Varies

Training:  Basic volunteer training is available online at  Additional training may be required at the individual school site. 

  1. Hyperlink the email addresses for the following programs:
    1. The Boys and Girls Club
    2. The P.R.I.D.E. Pact Girls Academy


Program Name: Find-A-Friend of Fayetteville Urban Ministry

Address: 725 W. Rowan Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 (Find-A-Friend location)

Point of Contact: Shauna Hopkins or Johnny Wilson

POC Telephone Number or Email Address: 910-483-4661 or


Program Description:

The Find-A-Friend program serves at –risk and court involved youth throughout Cumberland County. Ages served are 6-18. The program provides academic improvement, behavior modification, and life or survival skill tools for youth through weekly afterschool workshops and mentoring.

What is the role and expectations of mentors?

A year commitment with a youth, 8 hours a month (2 hours weekly), and build a positive bond with the youth to improve behavior or other areas lacking.

Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Criminal Background Check: Yes

Reference Check: 4 references

Training: 3 hours

Other: Interview

Other: Home visit


Program Name: Cumberland County CommuniCare Inc.

Address: 109 Bradford Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28301

Point of Contact: Sarah Hallock

POC Telephone Number or Email Address: 910.829-9017;


Program Description:

Mission Statement: CommuniCare is an umbrella agency that provides and supports prevention/ early intervention to at-risk children and their families in Cumberland County through community-based collaboration.

Our agency provides a full continuum of services and programs for youth, their families and adults in need of mental health assessments or psychological testing. CommuniCare’s programming is primarily targeted to youth ages 6 to 17 years of age that are at-risk of becoming involved in the juvenile court system and those that are already involved in the system. Our substance abuse outpatient treatment program and other programs serve adults by conducting clinical assessments to determine any substance abuse and/or mental health diagnosis.

Our Teens making A Change (T-MAC) program provides peer leadership development to all youth across Cumberland County. T-MAC teaches leadership, community responsibility, use of positive peer pressure and interpersonal skill building. Youth preside over the meetings and define topics from career development, skills for positive leadership, modeling appropriate behavior for young leaders, career development, experiential learning and participate in community service projects. T-MAC meets every Wednesday evening at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium in the CommuniCare office located at 109 Bradford Ave., Fayetteville. Our building is on the corner of Hay Street and Bradford Ave. Adults serve to mentor the youth and assist them in various roles within the project.

What is the role and expectations of mentors? Many of our programs are looking for natural leaders to be a positive influence on the youth served throughout our programs. Youth often need a caring adult to talk to and provide support and encouragement. Our T-MAC program utilizes adults to develop topics for the weekly sessions; plan outings and community service projects and assist the youth in leading the topic of the weekly sessions.

Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Criminal Background Check: We conduct a national criminal background check and the public health registry.

Reference Check: We ask for 4 professional/ personal references

Training: We provide volunteer training or coordinate with a local mentoring agency for mentor training.

Other: All volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement to work with our agency.

Other: Volunteers may be required to attend planning meetings with the lead staff members to prepare for the weekly T-MAC sessions.


Program Name: Great Oak Mentoring

Address: PO Box 1465 Fayetteville NC 28302

Point of Contact: B Washington

POC Telephone Number or Email Address: 910 822-2226


Program Description: One-on-one and group mentoring for boys ages 6-13.

What is the role and expectations of mentors?

Develop and have a long term, consistent and quality relationship with the boy to whom they are matched.  This would entail not less than 6 hours of face-to-face time with boy, visits to the boy’s school, single and group activities with the boy and availability for guidance, discussion, information exchange and the attendance of other Great Oak programs with the boy they are matched to.

Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Criminal Background Check: Yes

Reference Check: Yes

Training: 4 hours – Great Oak provided

Other: In-house personal interview

Other: Involvement in additional Great Oak activities.


Program Name: Boys & Girls Clubs of Cumberland County, Inc.

Address: 3475 Cumberland Road, Fayetteville, NC

Point of Contact: Don Williams

POC Telephone Number or Email Address: 910-484-2639;


Program Description: Boys & Girls Club is a program for youth ages 5-18 years old that provides programs in the areas of Education & Career Development; Health & Lifeskills; Character & Leadership Development; Sports, Fitness & Recreation; and the Arts. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Cumberland County gives each youth a Sense of Belonging; a Sense of Usefulness; a Sense of Influence and a Sense of Competence.

What is the role and expectations of mentors? The role of the mentor is to assist staff in programming with their mentee. They can also use our site to have one on one time with their mentee. We ask our mentors to provide at least 2 hours per month for our mentees. The mentors will be trained by our staff on the rules of our organization so that they will be better equipped in working with their mentee.

Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Criminal Background Check: Yes

Reference Check: No

Training: We will provide.

Program Name: The P.R.I.D.E. P.A.C.T. Leadership Academy for Girls

Address: 2465 Gillespie St. Fayetteville, NC 28306

Point of Contact: Dr. Mary W. Black

POC Telephone Number or Email Address: 910.678.2423;


Program Description: The P.R.I.D.E. P.A.C.T. Leadership Academy for Girls is a mentorship program   established in the fall of 2007 for young ladies in grades 3-12 enrolled in a Cumberland County School.  The program focuses on academic, social and personal needs of students by engaging them in monthly small group sessions of book discussions about valuable life lessons, etiquette, character education, career exploration and participation in community service events.

What is the role and expectations of mentors?

Mentors serve as facilitators for the various monthly group sessions.  Onsite training is conducted by the director of the academy with the expectation that each mentor will make at least one school visit per month.

Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Active or retired school personnel are encouraged to serve as mentors. Other interested persons may contact the academy director for further discussion.

Criminal Background Check: Contact the Academy Director

Reference Check: Contact the Academy Director

Training: Contact the Academy Director

Other: Contact the Academy Director

Other: Contact the Academy Director


Program Name: Girl Scouts NC Coastal Pines; Fayetteville Service Center

Address: 894 Elm St, Suites B&C

Fayetteville, NC 28303

Point of Contact:  Njeri Fikes, Membership Initiatives Coordinator

POC Telephone Number or Email Address:  910-644-6138;


Program Description:

Girls follow the fun, do what they love and never back down from an adventure with Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts is a great way spend quality time with girls having fun, helping them find their passions, and supporting them along their paths to success.   There are a number of ways that you can mentor girls, from being a troop leader to volunteering to teach a skill.

Girl Scouts is a multifaceted organization. In addition to our Traditional Troops we also have our Community Outreach Program.  Girl Scouts Outreach empowers girls throughout Cumberland County with the self-confidence to make positive health, education and career decisions. Through our after-school, in-school and community center programs, girls develop skills in leadership, community service, conflict resolution, communication and critical thinking.

What is the role and expectations of mentors?

Outreach Volunteers/Mentors assist council staff members in facilitating Girl Scout Leadership Experience Programming. Help is needed during the school day or approximately 1-2 hours per day in school/sites in Cumberland County. Specialized training and resources are provided.

We seek adults with energy and enthusiasm to assist in curriculum delivery for girls K5 through 8th grades and assist in delivering our fun engaging girl leadership curriculum. All volunteers are required to complete an application and background check and to become a registered Girl Scout member.

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to guide girls through a variety of enriching experiences, such as troop meetings, extraordinary field trips, sports skill-building clinics, community service projects and cultural exchanges! Step in today and help girls grow courageous and strong.  Plus, not only will she have fun, but so will you! 


Describe what is required to become a mentor:

Criminal Background Check: All potential volunteers are screened by our security vendor.

Reference Check: Not required but all prospective volunteers must register as a member

of our organization.

Training:  Training is provided in accordance with volunteer role.


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