Community Focus Group

Community Focus Group Response Report

Community Focus Group meetings were held in neighborhood recreation centers across Cumberland County beginning May 20th and completed on August 25th.  The total number of meetings was 22.  We had a total of 234 Cumberland County residents attending the meetings.

The following are common areas of concern that emerged within the six highlighted topics (*Major Areas of Concern):

Economic Issues

*Job Training


*Assistance for Homelessness (Shelters)

*Personal Financial Assistance (Rent/Mortgage/Utilities)

*Disability Assistance

*Head Start/Child Care Programs


Basic Needs Issues

*Elderly Assistance/Services (Home Care & Centers)

*Affordable Housing

*Financial Management

*Clothing Food Assistance

*Support for Veterans

*Re-entry for Ex-Offenders


Educational Issues

*After School Programs

*Mentoring/Tutoring Programs & Services


Health Issues

*Affordable Health, Mental & Dental Assistance

*Drug & Alcohol Abuse & Education

*Elderly & Child Abuse

*Victim Assistance

*Medical Transportation



Public Safety Issues


*Emergency Management Training & Shelter

*Domestic Violence

*Human Trafficking


Other Social/Community Issues


*Youth Sports/Physical Activities

*Teen Pregnancy

*High School Drop Out Rates

*Diversity Awareness

The major issues by number of responses were (ranked by frequency of responses): 

1-   Crime (gang violence, unsafe schools, etc.)

2-   Job Training/Prep

3-   Unemployment

4-   Assistance for Homelessness

5-   Drug/Alcohol Abuse and Education

6-   Elderly Assistance/Services (Home Care & Centers)

7-   Youth Sports Activities (Recreation Centers in Outlying Areas))

8-   Affordable Housing

9-   Mentoring/Tutoring Programs (After School Programs)

10-   Mental Health Care Assistance

11- Transportation

12- Personal Financial Assistance

13- Affordable Health-Medical/Dental Insurance

14- Affordable Medication

15- Ex-Offender Re-Entry Programs


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – United Way of Cumberland County will enlist community leaders to conduct focus group meetings in Cumberland County.  The information gained through focus group meetings will help guide United Way volunteers to focus their funding decisions on agencies and programs that are impacting community issues and needs.

 Twelve focus groups will be held in neighborhood recreation centers from May to the end of June.  Topics covered in the focus groups will be community economics, education, health care, public safety, recreation and cultural activities.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  To find a focus group in your area, go to

CFG Flyer – 2014

Focus group schedule: (all focus groups will be held from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.)

May 20: Lake Rim Recreation Center                                 June 16: Fayetteville Senior Center

1455 Hoke Loop Road, Fayetteville, NC                               739 Blue Street, Fayetteville, NC


June 2: Cliffdale Recreation Center                                     June 17: Pine Forest Recreation Center

6404 Cliffdale Road, Fayetteville, NC                                   6901 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC


June 3: Massey Hill Recreation Center                               June 23: Gray’s Creek Center

1612 Camden Road, Fayetteville, NC                                     2964 School Road, Fayetteville, NC


June 9: Eastover Recreation Center                                    June 30: E.E. Miller Recreation Center

3637 Pembroke Lane, Fayetteville, NC                                1347 Rim Road, Fayetteville, NC

July 1: G.B. Myers Recreation Center                                  August 4: Smith Recreation Center

1018 Rochester Dr., Fayetteville, NC                                    1520 Slater Avenue, Fayetteville, NC


July 14:  Hope Mills Parks & Recreation Center               August 5: College Lakes Recreation Center

5766 Rockfish Road, Hope Mills NC                                    4945 Rosehill Road, Fayetteville, NC


July 15: Stoney Point Recreation Center                           August 11: Spring Lake Community Center

7411 Rockfish Road, Fayetteville, NC                                   245 Ruth St, Spring Lake, NC


                                                                                                 August 18: Kiwanis Recreation Center

                                                                                                      352 Devers Street, Fayetteville, NC

July 28: Westover Recreation Center                                August 19: Stedman Recreation Center

267 Bonanza Drive, Fayetteville, NC                                   175 Circle Drive, Fayetteville, NC

July 29: Gilmore Recreation Center                                   August 25: J.S. Spivey Recreation Center

2964 School Road, Fayetteville, NC                                     500 Fisher Road, Fayetteville, NC


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Crystal McNair

Community Impact Director

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