Corporate Sponsorship

Enhance your visibility by partnering with one of the world’s most valuable brands.

  • A 2012 Forbes All-Star Charity
  • Number 26 in Forbes’ Top 50 of the most valuable brands with a brand value of $14.3 billion.
  • Ranked #1 in the “Philanthropy 400” in the Chronicle of Philanthropy as the most successful charity.
  • LIVE UNITED now has 43% public recognition since launching in the spring of 2008.
  • 98% recognition from the general population.

Did you know that for every dollar a retail company, bank or popular-goods manufacturer adds to its charitable-giving budget, it can expect sales to grow by an average of six dollars, according to a study by three university researchers who attempted to quantify the economic benefit of corporate giving?

We ask that you consider becoming a sponsor to help underwrite some of our campaign events and costs. This is a separate fund from the annual campaign and it allows us to only invest those hard-earned donor dollars on programs, services grants, and initiatives that are vital to our community.

2016 Qualifying Sponsorship Levels are:

  •  $1,000 and above
  •  $500 – $999
  •  $250 – $499
  • In-Kind Sponsorship

Click here to view full 2016 Sponsorship Packet.


For further information, please contact Lindsay Anderson at (910) 483-1179.

2017 Benefactor & Sponsorship Information will be available soon.

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