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From time to time, the United Way of Cumberland County will have job opportunities. When those opportunities arise, they will be posted here. Please check back for additional opportunities.



GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:    This position mobilizes the organization’s resources for effective campaigning.  Responsible for coordinating the work of volunteers in managing and providing direction, leadership and training needed to effectively cultivate and engage resources necessary to the growth of the United Way of Cumberland County.  Develop and Manage Marketing Plan. Support other positions within the organization toward the attainment of the organization’s mission.


      • Effectively carry out all responsibilities as resource team leader and serve as liaison to the volunteers and campaign chair.
      • Design and organize an annual Fundraising plan and goal
      • Assist in the identification, recruitment, training and support of appropriate high-level volunteers for the campaign cabinet.
      • Direct the recruitment, training and support of volunteers to serve as loaned executives, company campaign managers and for additional resource development activities.
      • Monitor campaign activities division by division in order to identify problems and opportunities, and develop appropriate responses.
      • Compose solicitation letters for all divisions handled by mail.
      • Prepare weekly Campaign Progress Reports for Management, Board and Campaign Cabinet and set deadlines for attaining levels of progress in reaching Campaign Goal.
      • Research and maintain an awareness of current and developing campaign techniques in areas of group solicitation, corporate solicitation and individual solicitation.
      • Provide support to the development and implementation of a successful Young Leaders giving program.
      • Organize an annual new accounts development plan.
      • Manage ”end of campaign clean up” to assure that all accounts and prospects have been properly contacted.
      • Prepare cultivation list of companies and execute a plan for contact prior to campaign.
      • Responsible for completing Database 2 Report as required by United Way Worldwide in a timely manner.
      • Manage a timely thank you campaign process.
      • Develop and implement a yearly benefactors program.
      • Responsible for planning “Campaign Kickoff   “Luncheon and Annual Meeting Awards luncheon.
      • Plan “Days of Caring” with assistance from Community Impact Director.
      • Update Website as needed.
      • Acquire Grants for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program and other United Way Initiatives throughout the year.
      • Participate in general staff meetings; provide expertise and support to all divisions of the       organization when needed in support of the organizational plan.
      • Work to develop a marketing plan for effective public information and communication efforts to create year-round high visibility for United Way.
      • Develop training materials for volunteers for annual workplace campaign as well as other United Way work areas as assigned.
      • Develop publications (brochures, newsletters, ads, social media, etc.)
      • Development of the annual local campaign video, providing storyline, recruiting video participants and getting necessary clearances.
      • Develop all media releases with President’s approval and submit to appropriate media outlets.
      • Manage website and facebook updates/ maintenance and social media presence.

Required Competencies:  

  1. Building Relationships – Demonstrate ability to create and sustain mutually positive relationships and networks with internal and external donors.
  2. Communicating Effectively – Demonstrate the use of verbal communication to effectively convey ideas and information and to assure others are heard and understood.
  3. Facilitating Meetings – Demonstrate ability to mediate or work with a group to reach consensus, effectively solve problems, make decisions or accomplish tasks.
  4. Making Decisions – Demonstrate ability to make sound an timely decisions in disciplined and systematic manner by basing decisions on available information supported by an understanding of overall organizational or departmental goals and priorities
  5. Community Impact – Has a through understanding of community impact within the context of United Way of Cumberland County.  Is able to articulate community impact messages using specific examples.
  6. Team Leadership – Demonstrate ability to establish an environment conducive to collaboration and teamwork while leading example and modeling an organization’s core values.


Other Required Knowledge/Skills:


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in business, marketing, communications, advertising or related field.
  2. Minimum 4 years experience of successful executive-level fundraising or similar experience.

Please send cover letter and resume to:


Mail to:
United Way of Cumberland County
Resource Development Position
P.O. Box 303
Fayetteville, NC 28302

Closing date of April 15, 2019